OneIndia is one of the most popular News and Entertainment portals in India. It publishes news articles on Movies, Health, Science & Technology, Breaking News, Education, Politics, Technology, e.t.c. You can go the official website by clicking on the button located below.

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About the Website

BG Mahesh is the brain behind this website. It supports different languages like English, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Tami and Gujarati. For each language and associated state, it has a different page displaying the associated news and informative articles.


OneIndia Language Portals

OneIndia Telugu

This portal is completely dedicated to news and information related to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Along with mainstream news on Politics, Technology, e.t.c, it also covers Tollywood movie reviews and other entertainment news like celebrity gossips, movie galleries, audio release streams, e.t.c. Click here for more information from Wikipedia.


OneIndia Hindi is the most popular language portal in India. According to a readership survey, it is currently the second most visited website by NRIs. This portal covers latest news and information on Health, Science, Money, Technology, Sports, Cricket, Bollywood, e.t.c.


As it’s name suggestions, it is a special section of the website dedicated to news from West Bengal. The content and articles are featured in Bangla language for easy readability.


Malayalam section of this website covers breaking news from Kerala State. Along with current affairs, it also features latest Malayalam movie reviews / analysis,regional news, e.t.c.


Tamil section contributes a significant userbase to the One India website. Along with general news on different topics, it mainly concentrates on the entertainment side like Kollywood movie reviews, e.t.c.


Kannada section is the prime focus of this website since the company is based in Bangalore, Karnataka. It sports breaking news and articles on State Policies, Political news, foreign affairs, Sports, Sandalwood movie reviews, e.t.c.


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