MoneyControl – Stock Market News and Tips is one of the most popular finance portals in India. This portal was started in 1999. Since then it grew by leaps and bounds and now it became India’s No.1 and Asia’s #2 Financial portal. Now it is a part of TV18 Group. and has become a  premier end-to-end business and finance Portal for Indian netizens everywhere.

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Sign Up:- Registration is easy and free. One can also utilize Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Yahoo accounts to log in. Although you can also access stock market information without signing up, you can access additional features like market watch, stock price alerts, recommendations, e.t.c through a free account.

  • Go to or (Mobile version).

moneycontrol login

  • Click on the Register button located on top right corner of the website.
  • Enter your Name, username, e-mail address and desired password and click “Register’.
  • Confirm your e-mail address and login to access your account.

Moneycontrol Features

It provides live streaming of stock marketing information of  NSE, BSE, Sensex and Nifty. In addition to stock market information, it also provides complete information on various stocks like background, history, news, financial results, annual reports, technical charts etc.

It also provides comprehensive information on commodities marketsmutual funds with various details like latest NAV, performance over the years e.t.c. Recently, it also started new feature named Investor Education. It helps share market beginners to excel in trading, investment and learn new growth opportunities.

Additional Features

In addition to the above features, Money control also gives information on Property market like property details in various cities e.t.c. It also provides information on insurance, Taxation, loans, credit cards, fixed income instruments and various Post Retirement investment avenues.

Money control also assists in investing in various assets through the Portfolio feature. This Portal also features Live TV feature, through which various channels of CNBC TV18 can be accessed. It also features recommendations and stock picks from various experts and share market moguls.

Thus not only provides complete information on stock market, but also comprehensive information on other personal finance investments like commodities, mutual funds, money market, property, Portfolio services etc. According to our analysis, MoneyControl is undoubtedly the best Indian finance website.


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