TIN NSDL (Tax Information Network)

TIN is an acronym for Tax Information Network, which is maintained by Income Tax Department of Government of India. It aims to utilize the information techniques to improve the systems involved in collection, processing and monitoring of direct taxes. This network is organized and maintained by NSDL- National Securities Depository Limited.

Direct Tax related services are offered both Online, through Internet as well as Off-Line through TIN Facilitation centres located in various cities of the country. You can go to the official website by clicking on the button below.

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Services offered by TIN NSDL

In Tax Information Network Facilitation Centers, various services like acceptance of TDS/TCS returns, acceptance & processing of applications for new PAN(Permanant Account Number) and TAN( Tax Deduction Account Number) etc are provided. In addition, Annual Information Reports (AIR) and 24G returns are accepted in the TIN-FCs.


PAN (Permanant Account Number) is an unique 10 digit alpha-numeric number provided by Income Tax Department to individuals, who have applied for it. PAN is mandatory for all Income Tax Payees, who are bound to file annual Income Tax returns. Now a days, PAN is made compulosry for many high value transactions like Bank transactions, registration of high value assets etc; By PAN, Income Tax department will be able to monitor all high value transactions of individuals. These facilitation centers enable applying for new PAN Card, as well as modifications in the existing PAN Cards.

How to Apply for PAN Card Online

  • Click here to view the online Pan Card Application.
  • If you applying for a new card, click on the relevant link (Form 49A for Indian Citizens and Form 49AA for Foreign Citizens).
  • Instructions and guidelines for online application process will be displayed in this page.
  • You need to submit relevant documents based on the instructions mentioned in the official form.
  • After filling the online application, you need to pay the application fee.

TAN (Tax deducation Account Number), on the other hand, is a 10 digit unique number provided to all individuals responsible for Tax deduction at Source (TDS). TIN NDSL facilitation centers provide facility for accepting application for issue of new TAN Number, as well as application for correction of data in the TAN Number, already issued.Thus TIN-FC of NSDL is doing very important service in collection of imprtant data regarding collection of direct taxes like Income Tax and processing and analysis of data.


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