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About Sun News

Sun newsIt is a 24-hour Tamil news channel owned by the Sun Group. This channel was first aired in the year 2000 started by it’s owner, Kalanidhi Maran. It is renowned for it’s unbiased content and ethical journalism. Since it’s inception, it has won several awards and accolades for it’s quality.

It features several programs like Business News, Nijam, Dr. X Live Show, Cinema Seithigal, Top News, International and Political News, Vivadha Medai, e.t.c. Each program caters news and information to different sections of people, thereby increasing the viewership of the channel.

Sun Network is owned by Kalanidhi Maran, a serial entrepreneur from Tamil Nadu. Along with the TV network, he owns a DTH Service, IPL Team, Spice Jet Airlines, FM Radio Stations, e.t.c under this network. He also forayed into Print Media through two newspapers namely Dinakaran and Tamil Murasu. Dinakaran is a Tamil Daily morning newspaper while the latter is a daily evening publication. However, Sun News / Network contributed a significant proportion of his net worth.

Sister Channels

Gemini: Gemini is the Telugu Television Channel network owned by this group. Gemini TV, Music, Movies, News, Life, Comedy, Kushi, Action are the constituent channels under this network. It is one of the most popular network in Andhra Pradesh as well as Telangana regions.

Udaya: It is the Kannada TV network syndicated under this group. Udaya TV, Music, Movies, News, Comedy, Chintu and Suriyan TV are the constituent channels which are under this banner. They collectively hold the highest viewership record in Karnataka.

Surya: Similar to the above networks, Surya is the Malayalam counterpart in Kerala. It includes several popular channels like Surya TV, Kiran, Action, Kochu Television, Music, Chirithira, e.t.c.

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