DTDC is the premier courier and logistics corporation of India. It has it’s roots back in 1990 and has out grown many other courier companies ever since. It currently handles more than a million courier packages, surface and air cargo each day. You can go to their official website by clicking on the link below.

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Services Offered

It offers versatile services for different groups of people. Although it is not used extensively by third-party online sellers, it still has it’s significance in the e-commerce industry. Apart from that, it is the most widely used courier company by general public.  Different modes of delivery include:

DTDC Express: Express service offers time guarantee. Suppose you want to documents delivered within a specific span of time, normal courier services aren’t reliable at all. In such cases, express services must be chosen.

Student Service: This is one of a kind service offered by this company. Understanding the needs of Indian and international students, this delivery option guarantees receipt of important documents like degree certificates, passports, clearance certificates, licences, e.t.c.

Imports: If you are importing high valued items from other countries, you are required to pay customs duty and taxes. It is a cumbersome process for individuals and thankfully, imports services will handle all the necessary documents for you.

International and Cargo: DTDC couriers not only handles domestic couriers but also international ones. It even provides cargo delivery services both nationally and globally.

Courier Tracking

Courier consignment tracking is the most important feature for any courier company. The accuracy of tracking information is the heart of the quality of a service.

  • DTDC offers comprehensive tracking details.
  • You can also estimate costs for shipping and item or document.
  • You can also find postal codes through the official website (

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